Traccia System 1

Color: Silver
Product description

Designer: Antonio Barbieri and Mario Nanni

IP20 rated system for indoor use. Included are tracciapiù, tracciameno, mensolonatraccia, with 10mm wide grooves in which is possible to install a 24Vdc cable having a 10.6x4.2mm section and 2x1,5mm² conductors. With Traccia sistema, it can create electrified exhibition structures with vertical struts trackmost for ground-ceiling installation by fixing lower and upper adjustable feet that does not require floor tiles and wall-fixing bracket. Tracciapiù can be coated in any kind of material (wood, recycled plastic, aluminum, etc.). The electrified quick joint allows you to customize your structure according to your needs easily, quickly and without the use of tools. Traccia sistema is compatible with Viabizzuno led sources, included here are 4 each - micromen (black and polished aluminum), 2 pcs - n22 (black), 2 each - n55 350 (black and silver), 4 pcs -1515mm 13x8 linear light (matt silver/frosted)

Accessories: 2 sets - Ripiani (platform shelves) and 2 pcs - Svuotatasche (catchalls)

Materials: Extruded oxidized aluminum